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In times…

April 2, 2006

In times you feel that life is bored,

And find it hard to change your mode,

Pause for a while and close your eyes,

Feel that someone's on your side.

It's nice to think you've got a friend,

When it seems you've lost all your dreams,

A friend in did is all we need,

In times we think we can't suceed.


Joy through love

April 1, 2006

There is nothing more pleasing and enjoyable than giving and receiving love. When someone knows how to give love, he/she will experience the beauty in life. Seeing two people in love is such a beautiful sight to see. A parent hugging a child, a loving relationships between siblings, a friend lending a helping hand. These are expressions of love that creates beauty. Beauty comes from love, and when you love something you’ll find beauty in it. Joy and happiness can be experience in love, too. However, the completion of joy and happiness comes only when the love you gave is accepted and reciprocated.

Love and all the world will love with you, bring love to everything you do…”