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July 19, 2006

Facing new opportunities that involve a change of lifestyle, living patterns, usage of time is something we fail sometimes to rise up and accept. The challenge we face is a crossroad in our life, and if we cannot even try testing our own footing on this challenge will lead us to say in the future “life pass me by!”

When we are faced with challenge, it is important to examine first what will it take if we decide to deal with it. Are you gonna be hurt? Will someone cut off your arm or put you to jail if you don not succed?

Challenge is treated differently by different people. Some people are so afraid to face challenge; others thrive on challenges and are constantly looking for new ones. Between the two extremes is the denominator called common sense, which would separate the challenge that lead to nowhere from those that lead to somewhere.

After facing so many challenges in life, we come to learn that challenge is part of life. And from that we learn how to take it in our stride knowing that we will win most of the time, lose some of the time, but become a better person either way for having tried.

As Gabriel Biel said: “No one conquers which does not fight!”


long time gone!

July 16, 2006

well, well, well i’m back from a long time absence and happy to be here again. so, what’s up? well, it’s something about LIFE. some say “Life is just but a drop in a bucket and what we do to the entirety of our existence depends not in the amount of wealth we amass but on the number of lives we have touched or changed.”

In times…

April 2, 2006

In times you feel that life is bored,

And find it hard to change your mode,

Pause for a while and close your eyes,

Feel that someone's on your side.

It's nice to think you've got a friend,

When it seems you've lost all your dreams,

A friend in did is all we need,

In times we think we can't suceed.